Episode 29 - The Cult with No Name

January 18, 2018

This week it's cults and the girls follow the Pied Piper of Death to Matamoros Mexico to explore the ‘the cult with no name’(sometimes dubbed by the press as ‘The Narcosatanistas’ or ‘The Believers’).

This cult was led by Palo Mayombe priest, ‘El Padrino’ and consisted of a dedicated group of disciples who believed that rites of human sacrifice made them untouchable - but this very belief is what finally led police to uncover the truth about what lay out at Ranch Santa Elena...


Episode 28 - The Wests & The Cellar at Number 25 Cromwell Street - Part 2

January 11, 2018

This week the girls head into the infamous torture cellar at 25 Cromwell St. to uncover the horrifying truth about the Wests’ years of depravity. As body after body was found, a haunted Fred confessed to it all - but Rose stayed silent. Today hear the incredible survivor testimony that broke a nation’s heart and finally labelled Rosemary West as one of the most evil female serial killers in history.



Episode 27 - The Wests & the Cellar at Number 25 Cromwell Street - Part 1

January 4, 2018

Incest, rape, murder and torture dungeons; in a harrowing part 1 the girls take on one of Britain's most notorious serial killer couples - Fred and Rose West.

Over a span of 25 years this pair of sexual sadists carried out unspeakable evil in their cellar at the now infamous 25 Cromwell St, and when the truth was finally revealed it shocked the world.


Episode 26 - Madness, Murder & Munchausen by Proxy: The Case of Gypsy Rose Blancharde

December 28, 2017

Things aren't always what they seem...

To the world Dee Dee Blancharde was the perfect mum. She dedicated her life as a single mother to taking care of her incredibly ill and disabled child. But one night Dee Dee was brutally murdered, and what was revealed shocked the world. It turned out that her daughter Gypsy had never been sick at all.


Episode 25 - The Grindr Killer

December 21, 2017

Join the girls today as they delve into the murky world of London’s most recent serial killer, the Grindr Killer - Stephen Port. They’ll pull apart this bizarre case of GHB poisoning, catfishing galore, the world’s most fake suicide note and utterly sh*t body disposal, to ask the very serious question of how Port’s crimes were missed


Episode 24 - Murder in the Alps

December 14, 2017

On a remote mountain road, high in the Alps, a French cyclist and a British Iraqi family face an ambush blitz attack. Within a minute four people are dead.

But who was the real target of this execution? What was the true motive in this senseless slaughter?

What secrets lay beneath the seemingly ordinary facades of those killed? Join the girls today as they delve into this bizarre mystery - crisscrossing between international espionage and dark family secrets.


Episode 23 - The Girl in the Box: Colleen Stan

December 7, 2017

20 year old Colleen Stan was abducted in 1977, she wouldn't be free for 7 years and what happened to her in between is unimaginable. If you needed another reason to stop hitchhiking, this is it. 


Episode 22 - How Ancestry.com Solved a 32 Year Old Cold Case

November 30, 2017

Abandoned at age five, Lisa never knew where she came from. It was her quest to uncover her birth parents via sites like ancestry.com that unraveled a chilling quadruple homicide that had been left unsolved for 32 years.  Be careful who you send your DNA to.


Episode 21 - What Killed Zigmund Adamski?

November 16, 2017

One day Zigmund Adamski mysteriously disappeared, and if his family thought that this was strange - nothing would prepare them for what was to come.

Because five days later Zigmund was found dead at the top of 12ft coal pile in a locked up coal-yard, and still that was just the beginning of the bizarre events that played out in the summer of 1980 in Yorkshire, England…

Who, or what killed, Zigmund Adamski?


Episode 20 - Halloween Special Part 2

November 9, 2017

Halloween continues at RedHanded this week as the girls plan to traumatise themselves, each other and you with tales of a blackout home invasion and a satanic cannibal cult. So, keep the spirit of Halloween alive and listen now, if you're ready for round 2 that is...