Episode 21 - What Killed Zigmund Adamski?

November 16, 2017

One day Zigmund Adamski mysteriously disappeared, and if his family thought that this was strange - nothing would prepare them for what was to come.

Because five days later Zigmund was found dead at the top of 12ft coal pile in a locked up coal-yard, and still that was just the beginning of the bizarre events that played out in the summer of 1980 in Yorkshire, England…

Who, or what killed, Zigmund Adamski?


Episode 20 - Halloween Special Part 2

November 9, 2017

Halloween continues at RedHanded this week as the girls plan to traumatise themselves, each other and you with tales of a blackout home invasion and a satanic cannibal cult. So, keep the spirit of Halloween alive and listen now, if you're ready for round 2 that is...


Episode 19 - Halloween Special Part 1

October 31, 2017

For Halloween, the girls bring you the most disturbing cases they could find for their very own treehouse of horror, filled with kiddnapping, a Buffallo Bill copy cat and shivers for days. Get cosy and grab the dog as Hannah & Suruthi take you through 2 harrowing cases, told to each other for the first time. 


Episode 18 - The Love Triangle Killing

October 26, 2017

What happens when a stranger turns up at your front door and hands you a bouquet of petrol station flowers?

Broken hearts, English countryside and an electric blue Renault Clio set the scene for today's episode as Suruthi and Hannah unpick the tragic death of super sucessful business woman Sadie Hartley. 


Episode 17 - Who Killed Billie-Jo Jenkins?

October 19, 2017

One afternoon 13 year old Billie-Jo Jenkins was bludgeoned to death with an 18 inch tent spike whilst doing chores “home alone”. Suspicion immediately grew around her foster father Sion Jenkins - but 3 trials and 20 years later he is a free man. Did Sion Jenkins really murder Billie? And if so, then why? Join the girls this episode as they explore the truth behind the disturbing murder of Billie-Jo Jenkins.


Episode 16 - The Drag Queen & Her Costume Cupboard Corpse

October 12, 2017

Dorian Corey, drag queen superstar, was the queen of queens in life - but when she died, a bizarre and horrifying mystery was revealed.

What her friends found hidden in the back of her costume cupboard, zipped up in a dress bag, shocked the world.

We still don't know exactly what happened, but join the girls this episode as they try unravel this confusing case.


Episode 15 - The Spy in the Bag

October 5, 2017

In August 2010, 31 year old MI6 cryptologist Gareth Williams was found dead, in his flat, in his bath, padlocked inside a bag.

Pretty much zero forensics would be found, and the case still remains unsolved to this day.Was Gareth murdered? If so, then who by? And why?

And is it likely that a spook could be murdered in his home, just yards from MI6 HQ, and they can't find who did it? Join the girls this week as they try to decipher what really happened.


Episode 14 - The Three Trials of Timothy Hennis

September 30, 2017

It's 1985 in North Carolina and a crying baby is found alone in her home surrounded by the dead bodies of her family. With only one clear suspect in this brutal massacre, the police bring in Staff Sergeant Timothy Hennis. But do they have enough? This is the story of an unprecedented side stepping of double jeopardy...


Episode 13 - Serial Killer Survivor to YouTube Star

September 24, 2017

Stranded on the side of a Californian desert with no way home, would you refuse a lift from a stranger?

This is how our case this week begins as we explore the story of Jennifer Asbenson, a woman who escaped violent rapist and serial killer - Andrew Urdiales

Join us as we detail her escape, his atrocities and the bizarre fame Asbenson has cultivated since her ordeal.


Episode 12 - The Dexter Copycat Killer

September 14, 2017

Exasperation station this episode as Suruthi & Hannah take you through the crimes of aspiring horror filmmaker, The Edmonton Killer and the cracking police work that stopped him in his tracks. Incapable of a single original idea in addition to a desperate need for fame, Mark Twitchell impersonated TV show character Dexter Morgan online and took on his dark passenger.